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Tune in to the Black Shark Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter to stay up to date on news releases. The Black Shark mobile actually is only legally offered in the EU and UK. Cases for the guarantee can. Black Shark Vouchers, Voucher Cards, Offer Cards, and Clients special offers. A large number of our customers in various nations or locations use companions or mail-sending authorities to get their orders, but Black Shark does not officially endorse or accept outsiders.

What happens when I get paid twice?
Rest assured that you didn't get paid twice. Contact your card issuer please, as the bank may keep the money.

How should I get paid on my pre-order?
You will not be paid by purchasing a credit card until the items have been delivered. The money will be exchanged after you send the order after payment through PayPal. When your order is delivered you should get a confirmation notification.

Where can I access your email or invoice?
Upon payment, you'll still obtain a simple invoice through email. If required, we can provide an official invoice in the form of a Document. Contact our Customer Service at

How would my payment by credit card not go through?
Please note that the details about the credit card was filled in correctly. If that is the case, then after a few minutes please try again. When the problem continues, consult with the credit card provider, or seek another payment form. Even, you should try utilizing another payment form, i.e. PayPal. Yes. Also give us a snapshot of the error message if payment ever fails.

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we deal with electronic appliances, games, etc. On the off chance that your nation or district is not yet secure, don't stress that we are always expanding our efforts to attain Black Shark fans all over the world.