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What's eligible for Trade at CB Points?
Thank you CigaBuy for your assistance.

1. CigaBuy point will be rewarded at 10 percent of the total money spent (including shipping charges if any), and we will round up to 2 decimal points, i.e. if you buy $20.94 things from us, your account will be credited with 2.09 CB.

2. You will also earn a special 1-4 CigaBuy Point award for any review, article, or product picture posted to our website is accepted.

3. Each 10 CB points is equivalent to $1, and can be used on our shopping center for purchase.

4. When using points on purchases, your shopping cart must contain more than one item, and at least one item is paid on a case-by-case basis and not CB points.

5. You should only get CB points

How to earn points on CB?
Bienvenue at CigaBuy.

How to obtain CB points(10 CB = 1)?

1) We've had several Facebook and Twitter competitions with high-value CB points as prizes.


Twitter: https:/

2) Write reviews of a product within 60 days of delivery, and you will earn a limit of 4 CB points.

3) Maximum Product picture upload reward is 2 CB points.

4) As an incentive for filming a promotional picture, at a maximum of 10 CB points would be sent to your account.

5) You are recommended to access our affiliate scheme, on which the following comprehensive guidelines apply:

http:/ / User

How to use points for payment?
If you pay, there are three stages, and a notation should appear in the third stage here: "You've won CB money. What's this? Redeem." Please see the photo below: Please press the "Redeem" button to swap your points and you will get the total amount you need to pay after the transaction, then "Confirm the request."Please feel free to contact us for any further questions at Http:/help. / contact-us.Have a wonderful day!

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