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Where does NEER operate for systems already in place?
The NEER is built to be compliant with most recent studies on environmental characteristics and
Commerce networks. The data can be shared across different structures, thus preventing
Functionality or commitment repetition.

Why the NEER would affect energy quality reduction costs

The NEER would raise the costs of implementing energy management services and policies by
Streamlining and automating procedures that must otherwise be manually performed. It will set you safe
More resources to identify new projects and implement them.

Where will the NEER advise policy in the State?
The NEER would have oversight and clarification on the effects of the energy management initiatives introduced
These are being predicted, measured, recorded, and audited today utilizing a broad variety of approaches. This must turn out
Enable a detailed and in-depth review of the impacts of current energy management programs, and support
Identify emerging energy-savings possibilities. As a national forum, the NEER would help the
Sharing best practices, facilitating peer-learning, and fostering cooperation around and within States.

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