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A nomination for the World Travel Awards 2019, which was followed by a Magellan Gold Award as well as a Travolution Award in 2018, highlighted our fast development and growing global awareness.
We were pleased to be launching our latest QEEQ company in March 2020. QEEQ takes its inspiration from cars going forward, keeping its driver's eyes wide open with the ambient complexity of our vibrant community. An exciting new membership deal is being launched, called QEEQ Rewards Club. To order to allow you exposure to the finest sales out there, this platform consolidated unique promotions on daily life items, ranging from eye-popping prices to offerings entirely unused.
Billing Address: Trinity Hall, Globetrotter Software LTD, Charleston Avenue, Ranelagh, Dublin 6, Ireland

What payment form is approved in qeeq?
You will use the most credit cards and a few debit cards to book your car with us. You will be told of the forms of payment that are approved when you book.

This is highly advised that the purchase be made with a credit card under the lead driver's name. When anyone other than the lead driver is charging for the accommodation, you may need to add facts as the accommodation is checked for any security purposes. You don't need to use the same token either to book your rental car on our website and pay the fee at the counter desk.


When you wish your car to be picked up or returned during the usual rental office hours, the rental company can opt to charge an additional 'out-of-hour fee.' We should specifically note any extra charges while making your reservation.
Will I need to make the same booking and pay the deposit with the same card?
No. No. You don't have to book your rental car and pay the fee with the same wallet.

Please NOTE: However it is necessary to let you know that the key driver would need to pick up the car with a credit card kept in their own name. That is when the hire car service would need to add a fee on the credit card of the main driver.

Why did my payment go unpayable?
It may be because we have had a problem communicating with your card provider, or because there is a problem with your card, or you made a mistake when you entered the details.

You could try using another card again, or you could contact your card provider to check that everything is working.

You can pay for your car with any card on our website, to make it simple. You will not have to pay for the credit card that you carry with you when you pick up the car with your reservation.

Is there any transfrontier charges?
The rental provider can opt to charge you for transboundary travel. All payments would be payable in local currency at the rental counter. We must state that cross-border travel is allowed at the time of booking, and in which countries. The cross-border scheme is listed on the terms and conditions of the car and on the rental voucher.

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Our journey began in 2017, with the goal of promoting your journeys wherever you are and everywhere you go.