3 Doodler May 2021

3 Doodler May 2021

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The story of 3Doodler started off with an honest dose of imagination, endless hours of engineering, and a sprinkling of luck and good timing.

From a homemade prototype in a very Massachusetts maker space, to 1 of the foremost successful Kickstarter projects of all time, 3Doodler is now the best-selling 3D printing product out there. Along the way our community of unique creatives and educators has grown, using the 3Doodler in ways we never imagined and changing the lives of these around them. As our members has grown from two to 2 dozen, we’ve kept creativity and our customer at our core.

About 3 Doodler

F you 're going to scribble, trace or wave a finger in the air that you're going to use a 3Doodler. Plastic comes out of the pen as you draw, is cooled by an integrated fan, solidifies right in front of you. You will draw on any surface to make your own 3D objects and lift it up into the air. Use 3Doodler coupon codes & sales to induce extra savings when the 3doodler.com sponsors.