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We introduce 80,000 new photographs every day, keeping our archive up-to-date and unique. We have all, images, diagrams and footage, from the specialty to the daily. We 're concerned with the pace of our website, providing outstanding customer support, and creating innovative resources to aid picture imagery supply professionals. Five percent of our operating profit is reinvested in charities for education and medical research each year.

Q. Why would I offer a picture of my stock on Alamy?
A. There are lots of explanations why Alamy is a perfect spot to offer your stock pictures, here's only a few:

You get 50 percent of each direct sale for Alamy-exclusive photos (you get 40 percent of each direct sale for non-Alamy-exclusive pictures)
We have charged our donors over $180million
We are equal, clear and user friendly
You should give us something
We give our contributors a fantastic help service
We love-we are philanthropic and responsible
Find out Why Alamy is the perfect place to offer the stock imagery for more details if you're still not positive.

Q. How should I be charged, and how?
A. We'll bill you over $50, until the balance is cleared. We offer deposits on the first working day of each month so it will not take you to see money in your wallet for more than 9 working days. We will pay you through PayPal, Skrill, or funds transfer in USD, GBP, or EUR. Under the 'Account Preferences' feature of your Contributor Dashboard, you will change how you get compensated.

Q. Which is a connection to the payment recall?
A. A payment confirmation is required as we only store your payment details on a safe offline server until saved; thus they will not be available in your account. The notification will help alert you which account you have included. 'My present account,' for starters.

Q. May you tell me what the specifics of my payments are?
A. We don't show the full bank information either publicly or internally for security purposes. They are only stored on a safe offline server which is why a connection to the payment reminder is necessary. You may need to insert your account information again if you wish to verify or change.

Q. Why is the gap between budgets cleared and uncleared?
A. Cleared implies that the consumer charged us for this. As we are bringing you purchases as they happen you will still see transactions we are waiting on (uncleared) to be charged on. The time it takes to clear a deal varies on the consumer but typically it is about 45 days and 3 months.

Q. I'm VAT licensed, what do I do?
A. You can enter your VAT info when you apply with an account, or later in your account settings, whether you are registered with VAT in the UK. Every time we pay you, we will give you a self-refund invoice. If you are not eligible for VAT in the UK don't think about this, you will not be impacted by VAT.

Q. Would you send tax forms for example 1099-MISC or W-8BEN?
A. We will not have any tax reports or ask you to fill them out, it is up to you to report any money that you receive from us. If you are uncertain, we urge you to contact the nearest tax office.

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We've got the largest creative and editorial photography collection online in the world. Our imagery originates from more than 50,000 independent photographers and 600 photo agencies located in 173 countries.