Fairyseason coupon code June 2022

Fairyseason coupon code June 2022

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The appeal of a new dress for less than 5$ on a clearance sale is hard to resist. Thus, many customers order online from all around the world, with Fairyseason being one of the stores.


The store has women’s apparel on offer for affordable prices. With some of the dresses available for exceptionally low costs.


As it is common knowledge as well as the general user experience that many of the online stores are legit but not all of the stores live up to their claims of quality and services. The most common problem that many customers face is that the product they ordered looks nothing like the picture of the product which they saw online. Plus the refunds that never take place even after the customers manifold attempts.


After reading all those horror stories regarding stores not being legit and with worst customers service online it is fitting to think whether Fairyseason is legit or just one of those scam websites?


For starters the store is Legit, and it is known by both names on the web as “Fairyseason” and ”Fairy season”. There isn’t much difference between both of the names it is just a space on between. Although both the stores are the same brand.


Although it is unclear where the company is located since there are no evident details on their website but they do provide their suppliers that are located in China. According to the review by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the Fairyseason or Fairy season is located in China and it is also noted that the company also has an alternate name for the company i.e Bellelily.com. The owner of the company is Hai Ying E-Commerce. Co. Ltd, located in Guangdong in China.




The store has women’s clothing on offer for all sizes. The store has many great deals but notably many of their products especially the shoes are almost the same price as that of what you’d get from Walmart and Amazon, etc.


The types of items that Fairyseason offers on their website are:


  • Bottoms 
  • Dresses
  • Lingeries
  • Shoes 
  • Swimwear 


While shopping online many stores offer discounts and deals that are an eye-catcher but in the end at the time of shipping the delivery charges are so steep that the initial discounts and deals just aren’t worth the savings. Thus, the majority of the orders are left in online carts.


But when it comes to the Fairyseason, you don’t have to worry about the shipping charges since the store offers free delivery across the world with delivery timings from 6 - 35 business days. Although if you want to expedite the delivery process, you can pay the standard delivery charges which will reduce the delivery timings ranging from 4 - 30 business days.



Q: Whats the estimated time of delivery of goods?


A: Different method of shipping will cause different delivery time

Q: How do I track my order?


A: Please sign in at fairyseason.com to your account and find the tracking code on your order list.


Q: Can I change my order contents, item size or shipping address?


A: Sure, you may but you must inform us urgently before shipping your products. Please note that once we have shipped your order we can not do the exchange.


Q: How do I put a reservation?


A: Shopping at our shop is quick and convenient. Just take a few quick measures and you'll be exactly what you want.


Q: How should I pay for my Order?


A: You can choose to pay directly using your Paypal or Credit Card. Please contact us first if you want to pay via Western Union or Wire Transfer. 


Q: What currencies does the store accepts?


A: There are actually 7 currencies that we accept: CAD, EUR, AUD, USD, GBP, BRL & RUB.


Q: Does the store has any physical shop?


A: We just do the on-line service.


Q: How do I get to pick my size?


A: Please weigh carefully before making your order for each element we also have a scale map.


Q:Can I ask for a refund?


A: If you are not pleased with your order and would like to refund it please read our return policy and then email us with your query.


Q: How do I get to contact you?


A: We give our clients 2 ways to contact us, provided on our website.


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Your smart buying skills have taken you to an awesome online shopping destination where skirts, tops, pants, and more can be found! Our goal is to deliver a wide variety of top-quality, fashionable luxury clothes for our worldwide shopping audience at beautiful factory direct prices along with a class-leading customer service experience.

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