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TVC-MALL has been, after ten years of growth, the leading and favored forum for cell phone accessories in the wholesale industry and thus achieved size, expertise, and global activity and get the exclusive discount on TVC Mall coupon code,TVC Mall voucher code.

Why did I not get emails from you?

Check your spam folder or inbox for more information. It happens that our email occasionally mismarked as spam and blocked by the email filter system used by users. To avoid missing email messages from us, we suggest that you add our email address to your contact list or address book.

Will I need to sign to order it from you?

Recommended but not necessary. TVC Mall offers a checkout for visitors. However, registering with TVC Mall enables us to offer you better support and the entire registration process should take no more than 2 minutes

Why should I maintain hold of my orders?

When the products are delivered two ways:
1) Review our automated verification via email; or
2) Sign in to your account to see your monitoring address.

How soon will you be shipping my order after I have paid?

Normally within 2-3 business days.

This has been a lot of days! Where is my order in there?

Excuse me for the trouble. Climate, taxes, government shifts, and others will influence distribution. When you think you have been delayed too long, please notify us or your sales representative.

When I pay by T / T (Bank Transfer) I ought to incur extra transaction fees?

TVC-Mall does not charge you any bank transfer fees. But banks would charge the transfer fees from bank to bank.
Say you pay for a $600 purchase order. The bank will charge $50 for the transfer, so you'll submit $650 altogether. If you just send $600, so we'll just get $550. We would not be able to send your order in full in that case.

As far as we learn, there are three forms of managing costs involved when you do oversea bank transfers:
1) A central banking fee;
2) Bank supervision tax

About TVC Mall coupon code

TVC-MALL, established on 20 July 2008, is a cross-border e-commerce business that specializes primarily in wholesale goods for cell phone accessories and the expansion of computer devices and associated accessories.