Alala June 2022

More About Alala

Her name represents a scream for war, a call to arms. For us, Alala reflects all that we hope as modern women to be. We live our lives with the audacity to think we can do all of this and get all of it. The world is our oyster, yet another chance to leave our impact on the planet each day.

I was always on-the-go for 18 + hours at a time as I started my work. It meant that I was being increasingly curious about whether to mix it up. I needed an appearance from the gym, the office, or a happy hour.

Then, I had my 'ah-ha' moment when I was in training for my first triathlon in early 2012. There wasn't an athletic wear company at the time which provided the effortless, high-low style I was searching for. I realized I could no longer stand by and procrastinate - I needed to drive the next step of the 'All Day Fashion' campaign.

And my dream came to fruition in the year 2014.

About Alala

ALALA is a luxury brand which sells a range of activewear for women in yoga, gymnastics and jogging outfits
Alala, A Queen in Greece.