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We include high-performance quality items like women's clothes, jewelry, beauty & wellness goods, accessories, luggage, etc. Our dream is to put joy into the lives of every child.

Boutique feel apps include, but don't seem to be restricted to:

+100,000 model models and +500 regular notifications
We gather knowledge regarding women's apparel as early as possible and source-related items
Prices smaller than the central level by 50-80 percent
They work with other suppliers, rather than with intermediaries
We purchase in size where the demand is less than the worth

Was Boutiquefeel safe to shop with?
Boutique feel was created by people in the e-commerce industry with almost 10 years of experience. We consider the company seriously and, above all, we strive to satisfy our clients. We embrace several of today's widely popular electronic payment forms.

Where can I get help with my order?
Our customer support members staff stands by to assist consumers on any step of the way-from only searching, to purchasing and delivering (and even returning when necessary). Through clicking on "Call seller" in your order account with the submission of the request, you will meet our customer support team, we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Which payment choices to Boutiquefeel will I have?
Boutique feel takes safe payments through PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa.

Would I be paid with import fees, royalties, VATs or other surcharges?
Boutique feel will not receive payments on all other things except the goods that we market and carry. For certain special circumstances, the local postal service may register for extra tariffs, tax or VAT charges. Please contact the nearest post office if you have any concerns about these rates.

Which money is Boutiquefeel selling into?
Boutique-feel trades in 22 currencies

What countries is Boutiquefeel shipping to and how long does it reach?
Boutique-feel goods delivered to countries across the world. And it takes typically three to five weeks to arrive via regular shipping at their destinations in Western countries. This timeline begins from the moment our merchants send a package to the carrier company. Because we deal with a variety of different retailers, it's common that products purchased from various merchants arrive separately at their destinations.

Fast delivery for consumers who want to collect their goods immediately is accessible at a reasonable discount.

How much would my order cost to ship?
We have three types of shipping, Standard Shipping, Expedited Shipping, Express Shipping. You can click here to read more about the shipping details.

How do I monitor the progress of my orders?
Users will monitor orders by accessing the "Orders" section under the section named "Me." And press "File"

Should you have some problems monitoring an order on your own, you should notify a member of our customer support team to include your registered email address and/or order number. Only message us by clicking on "Call seller" in your order log by sending the invoice, we can respond within 24 hours.

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Deal with Boutique feel maybe a new unique shopping website with a particular tone specializing in women's fashion