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Whenever ordering from an online website, we often worry regarding scams, delivery and refunds and customer service provided by the store. Other concerns that come to the mind are whether the store has latest in fashion goods and how is the quality of the products and lastly but not least how are the pricing on items in that particular store.


So, does Berrylook offers good service? Since we expect nothing less than top services while shopping online. Does the store has good quality products? Does the store has effective delivery and refund options? or the most important question: Is Berrylook legit or a scam? Will it run away with my money once I order something? 


Berrylook is, in fact, a legit, scam-free website which will never steal its customer's money or not be able to ship items to their customers. But, it is noted that the majority of the customers have complained regarding refund and exchange.


Berrylook is based out of China and it was founded in 2017. They have women apparel on offer consisting of tops, bottoms, swimwears, accessories and many more. They provide shipping globally with free shipping on orders above 69$. For returns, orders that are sent back within 30 days of delivery by the store are eligible. They can be contacted online through their website by an online ticket system.


When a person shops online, for him/her the perfect online store would be where he/she can get all sorts of varieties. So they can easily shop all their related products from one place rather than looking all over the internet. Plus buying larger orders from one place can be beneficial since that can reduce the costs because of discounts and free or reduced deliveries depending on the orders.




The store offers women’s clothing’s from clothing to footwear to accessories, they have an almost full variety for women’s clothing. Additionally, they have other categories of clothing as well.


The store has categorised its inventory and contains:


  • Dresses
  • Tops 
  • Shoes
  • Outerwear
  • Knitwear
  • Bottoms 
  • Swimwear
  • Accessories
  • Men's 


Although the store is known for being a women apparel store they also house men’s wear and men’s fashion accessories.


Payment Methods


When ordering online, if an online store supports different payment methods then it becomes easier for the customers to pay with convenience Berrylook accepts payments via almost all of the cards. In some locations, the store also offers cash on delivery (COD). Berrylook online store also supports multiple different currencies so customers can pay with convenience.




The store delivers directly to most of the countries throughout the globe.


Delivery Times


Most of the stores delivery times are reliant on the store’s order processing time and shipping times. Delivery times of Berrylook aren’t ranked well. Delivery generally takes around 5 - 7 business days, but the order depends on the shipping options and shipping address of the country where the package is headed.


They offer two types of delivery options:


  • Super Saver Shipping


This type of delivery takes around 5 - 12 days when the shipment is to be delivered in North America, Oceania, Europe and Africa and 7 - 12 days if the address is based in Asia. While taking 7 - 15 days when being shipped to South America.


  • Expedited Shipping


This type of shipping takes 2 - 5 days when the shipment is being delivered to North and South America, Europe, Africa and Oceania and it takes 3 - 7 days if the parcel is being sent to a location in Asia.




The store offers returns if the customer isn’t satisfied with the item that was shipped to them. Although in order for an item to be eligible the customer needs to return the order within the 30 days from the time of when the order was delivered to the customer. There are also some products that are ineligible for returns. Those items are:


  • All Clearance items 
  • Items that have “specials” tags
  • Swimwears


What should i do if I'm interested in an element in my size and it is no longer available?

New items can be sold out pretty quickly, but we may soon be getting more!


Please contact our customer service team via email and we will make every attempt to alert you if the item is accessible again. Please provide the best email address that you can access when the item is available.


What do I do if the tag size varies from what I have ordered?

Once goods are placed on sale, the scale display on the website must be translated into a foreign scale which is normal and natural. So, don't fret and stress if you notice out the scale you receive isn't the same as seen on the website.


We sent you the size is growing. First, bring them on, then see how it works out. If they don't suit you well, then you should certainly return them. (See our return policy for details)


How is the color of clothes that I have got a bit different than what the store has posted online?

The angle of the camera and the intensity of the illumination will create a small change in color. Hope you hear us. If it doesn't change your ideal wardrobe look and attitude, we hope you will hold the shoes. As a reward for the future order, we will give you a promotion code. We must do our hardest to keep the matter from occurring, however.


Does the store has a physical store?


We just do the online business.


Where does the store get its stock from?

All the apparels come from China's biggest brands. Therefore price, cloth and style are assured and we can develop our own brand and give our best service to our customers.


How can I use a code or discount?

If you have a discount coupon, you may discover an alternative where you need to input the number when you go to the "check out" site, that is how you use it.


I am not sure of a size scale or have an query. Where do I find this info?


For general sizing information please see our Size Guide. Please contact our Customer Support Department if you do have additional concerns regarding the fit of an object or metric criteria.


About Berrylook coupon code


Berrylook is based out of China and it was founded in 2017. They have women apparel on offer consisting of tops, bottoms, swimwears, accessories and many more. They provide shipping globally with free shipping on orders above 69$.

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