Amazon Prime, a gift worth giving to endure the pandemic

Jun-19-2020 | Arts & Entertainment  | By  Zawad

The Amazon Prime membership is priced at $119 for a duration of a year. Though the price might seem a bit steep at first it's well worth the buck. Whether you love to read books or you are an avid video (tv & movies) watcher or perhaps you are fond of shopping online. Well, then this membership is definitely for you. Let’s have an in-depth look as to what the membership has to offer.

An all in one must have a membership for all your needs


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Its key benefit is easily the 2-day shipping on its majority of the stock. Whereas in some areas you are also likely to get the product you ordered within the same day on the orders that are eligible.


Prime Now.

This service is dedicated to delivering the goods on the same day to as little as 2 hours, but its limited to selected areas.

Movies & Tv Streaming.

Amazon Prime Video provides unlimited streaming of thousands of tv shows and movies. This service is similar to that of Netflix but the content varies on both the services.

Non-Stop Reading.

The members can choose from a vast collection of books, comics, and magazines to read free. Additionally, you can borrow one e-book per month but in order to take advantage of the services, one ought to have a fire tablet or fire phone (all products of amazon).


Music Streaming.

Listen to your favorite songs non-stop from a collection of over 2 million songs, all ad free with the Prime Music.


Unlimited Storage of Photos.

With the amazon prime membership, you get secure storage of your photos to Amazon cloud drive, which is easily accessible from computers and mobile devices.


The Amazon Prime membership costs depend on the plan you use, given which package suits your needs best, but you can try it first free for a duration of one month.


Prime Video.

Its priced at 8.99$ a month. This membership covers only movies and tv shows. The yearly cost will end up being around 108$.



Priced at 12.99$ a month. For full benefits, it’ll cost around 155$ a year. OR a 119$ a year if you wanna pay an annual sum for the full membership, which will require you to spend less in the long run.

Prime Student.

There’s are also a discounted membership for students that offers all the regular Prime benefits, but during the free trial period, you won’t get access to Instant Video or Kindle books.


In order to determine what’s best works for you, its best to have a try with the 30-day trial offered by Amazon