Nike has been a household name when it comes to all your sports and workout needs. It’s only fitting that over the years they have been the choice of many famous athletes and sportsmen. They undoubtedly excel in producing multi-discipline footwear and apparel   . Adidas alongside Nike has been a prominent and well established name when it comes to shoes whether they are streetwear shoes or sports shoes. Adidas has become a vital part of our lives, be it in sports, music or fashion. New-Balance , provides one of the excellent sports and in particular running shoes. They are known to be budget friendly without any compromise on durability and comfort. Their shoes are really stylish with an athletic vibe. Although they aren’t vastly used like the other household names, Nike and Adidas but New balance is a great competitor especially when it comes to budget.


Here is a look at some of the top 10 sneakers you ought to have for all your fashion and athletic needs



The shoe is exceptionally comfortable as its really lightweight with added air- sole cushioning. Three- layer mesh and perforated foam for ultimate breathability. Sleek and modern no-sew overlay design. Comes with unique midsole design doubles, which doubles as an outsole. Rubber pads at the heels for extended durability and stability. Comes in extensive range of colours. Currently priced at 150$ and it weights around 3 pounds.




The huarache from Nike is a real head turner, showstopper kinda shoe best suited for all your daily needs with dynamic fit technology. It’s the best running shoe currently available out there. First introduced in 1991, they have been the favorite running shoes. These shoes are lightweight with air sole cushioning, consisting of three layers of mesh and perforated foam for ultimate breathability. Sleek and modern design. Rubber pods at the heels for traction and durability, available in extensive range of colors. It’s priced at 100$ and weighs around 4 pounds.




If you feel the laces on the shoes are too much an effort then perhaps these sneakers are the perfect match for you. It comes with perfect innovative support system that keeps your foot comfortable and in place. The shoe comes with breathable mesh upper that keeps your feet cool at all times, on top of that it’s a classic basketball shoe, whether you are a pro player or a die hard fan of the game. These are definitely for you, perfect for on and off the court. Weighing around 2 pounds, they are priced at 160$.




These shoes are available to purchase in multiple color schemes and designs. Extremely comfortable to wear straight out of the box with unique design looks. It has a lightweight boost midsole, having durable rubber outer for perfect grip and traction. The shoes fit perfectly like a sock with its next level prime knit construction. It weighs around 3 pounds and is priced at 140$ .






The yeezy from adidas is a limited edition which comes in exclusive color variants to choose from including the pirate black. These are highly fashionable, trend setting sneakers. Soft and really comfortable to the core and are super light. Fusing street style with performance technology. In our opinion it’s one of a kind sneakers and you ought to have it before it runs out and it’s set to be a collectors item soon because of its comfort and durability. Weighing at around 3 pounds, prices staring from 861$.




Prophere are made from high quality material and have a flexible support to aid your foot in all your day to day routine. Modeled in a retro throw back styling  with modern urban design. Great long arch support helps in supporting the feet. The sole is made of oversized rubber that helps in traction and superb grip. These shoes are a must have shoe for anyone who likes to showcase a trendy and clean pair of shoes that deliver day long ultimate comfort and support. They weight around 2.10 pound and prices strung from 60$ .




Initially designed to look dapper and nothing more. The shoes main focus was on athleticism when they were constructed. But with the Iconic 574 the company wanted to design a shoe that looks good on you plus keep your wallet fat and happy. The shoe come in six variants to choose from, with white and grey being the most famous. The shoes still provides a breathable mesh for running benefits while also providing comfort. Heel area has added support in form of ENCAP & TPU as well as layered rubber grips along the underside for increased traction. With all these given specs in the shoe, its gonna take a while for the user to wear these out. Prices starting from 50$.




Best suited for all the running needs. Comes in over two dozen variants to choose from. It provides tight fix, so it is recommended that the user should buy one size bigger to their initial size for the perfect fit, making it perfect for tight grip and traction thus perfect for running. Providing the perfect comfort as well as stability, these are the perfect shoes to have for all your running needs. Prices ranging from 37$ to 135$ on Amazon.




The 510 V trail running shoe comes in different unique styles, it provides you with the perfect classic look with added benefits. It has a sturdy and durable leather sole with a mesh upper that keeps the shoe breathable throughout the day. These are designed to be running shoes, but the colour variation on these shoes allows them to match almost all of your wardrobe. These are lightweight shoes and feel like feather while wearing them. Prices starting from 60$.



Weighing at around 2.10 pounds, these shoes come packed with snug and tight designed fit for exceptional comfort and secure fit fastening. The lightweight sole combined with a cushioned insole helps in keeping the foot firm in its place without compromising on comfort. It delivers a light compression for extra support and has a sock liner that allows endless support and breathability. If you are in the market looking  for that one premium comfort and strong design then these are definitely for you. Prices starting from 50$ .