What are the Various Uses of Rubbing Alcohol?  Find out Here!

Jul-17-2020 | Home & Garden  | By  Zawad

What are the Various Uses of Rubbing Alcohol?  Find out Here! There are some household basics that everyone should know. Rubbing alcohol isopropyl alcohol is one of the most useful things that you can keep around the house. You can find it almost every grocery store, and it is inexpensive.  

Two Grades of Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol comes in two grades, the 70 percent, and the 90 percent variant. The 90 solutions have lower water content, which makes it dry faster. It’s best for those items that are not supposed to be wet. The 70 percent variant is gentle on the skin and is less expensive.


Common Uses

Those using the hair-products or the spray regularly, know about the sticky residue left behind around the bathroom. When you rub alcohol, the problem is taken care of on its own.  Use a paper napkin with rubbing alcohol to wipe down the sink and the countertop. They are left sparkling clean with no residue at all.


Removing Permanent Marker

Rubbing alcohol rehydrates the ink that’s left behind the permanent marker. It makes it easy to wipe away. Squeeze a bit of the rubbing alcohol, let it sit on the stain for some time, and then wipe it. It can save form the various disaster many times.


Easily Remove Stickers

Is there a sticker that’s not getting removed easily? Use the bottle of rubbing alcohol. Wet the entire sticker and let it sit for some time. The rubbing alcohol will help to dissolve the adhesive, and you can wipe the sticker, and it will go away in one go.


Cleaning Electronics

It is crucial to regularly clean the electronic items that are frequently used, e.g., phone or laptop. Rubbing alcohol is an excellent choice as it evaporates quickly. There is hardly any chance that the moisture will affect the devices. How to use it? Apply a bit of rubbing alcohol to the cotton and wipe it all over the device and then clean it again using a dry microfiber cloth.


Removing Stains

If you have the microfiber things in the house on any of the furniture, you will find that rubbing alcohol helps. It is the best way to remove the stains from the microfiber upholstery. Use some alcohol over the affected area and then wipe it clean with the help of sponge or cloth.


Substitute of Deodorant

Have you gone out of deodorant? You can use isopropyl alcohol as a substitute. Add a few drops of the skin-safe essential oil to the spray bottle of the alcohol. Make sure that you don’t apply it immediately after shaving.


Get Rid of Fruit Flies

They can because of real nuisance in the kitchen. Fill the bottle of the alcohol with and use it as a spray over the fruit flies when you see them again. The effect of alcohol will knock them out for some time. Sweep them and toss them outside.


Use it on the Stinking Shoes

Are you troubled with smelly shoes? Spray the inside with the help of the rubbing alcohol and keep them in the sun to dry. The combination of the sunlight and the alcohol will kill the bacteria that are causing the odour.


Destress the Tight Shoes

Have shoes that are too tight to wear? Make use of the rubbing alcohol to stretch them out—rub or a light layer of alcohol on the outside and inside. Use them with a thick pair of shocks.


Finally, a Better Use

Isopropyl alcohol can be used to make their reed diffuser. With so numerous uses, it makes sense to get it now!