Best winter skin care routine to ace your look this holiday season.

Dec-14-2020 | Beauty & Skin Care  | By  Admin

While winters bring all sorts of excitements like making snow angels, warmth of cozy fires, hot chocolate and coffee, snuggling to our loved ones while watching movies indoors and YES! Amazing holidays. In short, winter is not a season, it’s more a celebration. But it does bring with it a horror too that we don’t seem to love one bit, SKIN PROBLEMS.

While winters bring all sorts of excitements like making snow angels, warmth of cozy fires, hot chocolate and coffee, snuggling to our loved ones while watching movies indoors and YES! Amazing holidays. In short, winter is not a season, it’s more a celebration. But it does bring with it a horror too that we don’t seem to love one bit, SKIN PROBLEMS. Are you too anxious about how your skin will survive this winter amid tormenting problems like Dry skin, Chapped lips, itchy skin, reddishness and Cracked heels? These problems are a courtesy of change in humidity, our indoor heating and dryer winds. Nobody wants these horrors to be a part of this awesome season. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with some easy and effective things you need to add to your skin care routine and which products will help you have absolutely flawless, soft skin in winters. So let’s start with it.



The first and the most important thing is to CLEANSE YOUR SKIN, may it be scorching summer or freezing winter, there is no skin care routine without daily cleansing of your precious skin.



In your daily life, your skin gets inevitably exposed to a number of harsh realities of our environment. Pollution, your own sweat, dirt and other debris, UV damage and bacteria. With those things accumulated on your precious skin, they cause a number of skin problems like breakouts, dehydration, early aging. Regardless of what season it is. Cleansing removes every last bit of those skin contaminations to leave you with perfectly clean skin, and that perfectly clean and clear skin is what you need as a first thing to continue with your skin care routine, think of skin care without cleansing as coffee without coffee beans. EXACTLY! It won’t be coffee anymore. 



In winters, your skin is already dry and low on moisture, with that said, Gel and Foaming facial cleansers are out of the perfect winter skin equation, because they’re harsh on skin and will strip off your natural oils too, making things worse. What you need is a CREAM CLEANSER, they’re gentle on skin and also act as moisturizers, that’s what makes them perfect for winters. 




We have researched and tested thoroughly many brands of cream/gentle cleansers, while at it, we came up to a conclusion of three of the best cream cleansers in the market today. Here listing them and telling you guys why they’re the best.


Glo Skin Beauty Phyto-Active Cream Cleanser


Glo cream cleanser is the synonym for “perfection” when it comes to gentle cleansers. Glo phyto-active cream cleanser will absolutely make love to your skin with it’s papaya enzymes digging out and washing away all the impurities on your skin, also it contains peptides and plant stem cells that have regenerative qualities. Its dual dimensional cleansing and conditioning qualities make it one of the best choices. 


  • Is not suitable for acne prone skin.


iS CLINICAL Cleansing Complex (For acne prone skin)


iS CLINICAL cleansing complex is a grandmaster in gentle cleansers game of thrones, it’s gentle for even hypersensitive skins, it’s bio nutrients does not take with it the natural essential oils your skin instills in it without compromising on removing the impurities your skin carries on daily basis. This cleanser contains white willow bark that makes your skin glow with perfect radiance, salicylic acid (yes there it is for acne prone skin) that helps with your acne, antioxidant rich chamomile that helps with redness and blemishes along with skin healing centella asiatica that hydrates your skin and also acts as an anti-aging agent, all of these combined is becomes a heavenly blend that helps restore your skin to like that of a newborn. 


CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser (ultimate option)

CeraVe brings you one of the best options with an unbelievably low price tag, which is why we call it an ultimate option. It is rich in ceramides, which is naturally layered on your skin and makes up a protective barrier to prevent it from drying out or blemishing. This makes it the best of both worlds, it will cleanse your skin to bone stock and then restore your skin’s natural composition so that it doesn’t tighten your skin or leave it flaky or irritating.  It’s MVE moisturizing delivery system continuously releases hydrating and moisturizing ingredients throughout the day.



Now that we’re done with cleansing our skin to perfection, let’s start with the skin care routine, which is the main course. Here are 6 must things to do and the products that have the best results for your skin in the winter season. 



Yes, when we think winter, chapped lips are the very first things that cross our minds. Lips are the most vulnerable part of your face to the cold season, and we all know very well they’re one of the most crucial beauty elements too, you just can’t look fabulous without well groomed lips. Imagine not even being able to put lip color on with dry and withering lips while going for holidays, winter dates, hangouts, makes it even worse. For that reason, one of the most prime practices to do in winter is exfoliating your lips in a routine. Exfoliating will keep your lips from dehydrating, chapping, being rough and will let you put your favorite lip color on flawlessly. You can choose among one of these cherry picked lip scrubs that we’ve narrowed down for you.


L'Oreal Paris Pure Sugar Lip Scrubs

The best thing about L’Oreal’s pure-sugar scrub is that it is an all-rounder, can be used on the face as well as lips and it’s exceptionally good for both. This is a sugar based scrub and that means it is very gentle against your precious skin, especially when we talk about skin as delicate as that of lips. The three different kinds of sugars eliminate dead skin and rejuvenate all the layers to give you flawless radiance and soft as a feather look. This particular variant of L'Oreal's sugar scrub range is enriched with grapeseed which is for smoothing and glowing your lips.


Another offering from L’Oreal is this sugar scrub that has cocoa, coconut oil and cocoa butter that softens and nourishes your lips. Now there’s no rule book that says which one is better of these two, we found both performing top notch in preventing your lips from drying out and chapping. Your choice depends on whether you have a taste for grapeseed or cocoa, it’s just a flavour if you ask us. 



Now that we’re done with gentle cleansing and taking care of your lips the best way, let’s move on to keeping your face moisturized. Your regular over the counter lotion would do just fine in the summer but when it’s cracking dry, those lotions can’t keep your skin moisturized throughout your hectic day and applying lotion again and again will just accumulate too much haze on your skin and can clog your pores too. Luckily we have a solution for it, swap your lotions with richer, water based moisturizers, they’ll give you a spike of hydration and keep you soft and glowy throughout the day. Our best picks for you in water based moisturizers are here,


Neutrogena hydroboost water gel

This exquisite moisturizer from neutrogena is one of the best one can go for, it’s enriched with hyaluronic acid, which is an essential substance in your skin, while dry weather can take away most of it that your skin produces naturally, this moisturizer gives you a daily boost of it, it retained water to keep your skin tissue moist and lubricated, giving you a glowy soft hydrated skin. 


L’Oreal Paris Hydra Genius line of moisturizers


                       Oily skin    


                                                                                    Dry skin 


                                                                                                                                                              Extra dry skin



There can’t be a skin care routine list without the mentioning or L’Oreal’s products, they are one of the industry leaders. This new line of moisturizers are tailored for cold and dry weathers. It contains aloe water and hyaluronic acid that provides instant hydration as soon as it lands on your precious skin. It locks in moisture and gives your skin a WOW full radiance. Plus point is that they have especially formulated 3 variants of hydra genius, one for oily, one for dry and one for extra dry skin.