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Nike has been a household name when it comes to all your sports and workout needs. It is known that over the years they have been the choice of many famous athletes and sportsmen. They undoubtedly excel in producing multi-discipline footwear and apparel. 


Ever since the launch of the brand, Nike has been a partner in some of the most remarkable moments in women’s sports history. These moments aren’t just restricted to players like Serena Williams winning the grand slam but these kinds of moments happen often and every day in all of our lives. Nike has been a pioneer when it comes to sneakers and that’s why it has been preferred by many athletes, be it for their sports needs or daily uses.


Here are some of the top sneakers, you wouldn't want to miss out on.




The Nike Air Max 90 has served as the foundation for evolution in the Nike Running line. While technologies like Nike React and Vapor have outdated the AM90 in the performance category, this silhouette is still a timeless walking shoe and one of the best Nike shoes for women. The Air Max 90 was the first of its kind to sport bright colours, breaking down barriers that gender-specific shoes built. They are priced at 120$ and weight around 4 pounds 




There is a reason that the Nike Air Max 270 React is a best-seller in both primary and secondary markets: it’s comfortable! Having both Air Max and React technology in a shoe is all anyone could ever ask for. The level of comfort delivered throughout the entire sole is unmatched, making it one of the best Nike shoes for women. It’s priced at 130$ and weighs around 3.5 pounds, these sneakers are top on our list. So don’t miss out on the chance of owning them and staying classy.




These shoes look heavy to the eye due to its style of make but don’t let that confuse you since the shoes are almost light as feathers and these shoes are the best choice for any occasion. Comes in pink colour with react cushioning technology which allows the free movement to the feet with ultimate flexibility. These beauties are priced at 130$.




Nike hasn’t been laughing much if the vapormax variants since their arrival in 2017 but, some of the models in the vapormax has maintained the excitement and grown tremendously in resale value. These shoes are one of the best for women, given its super comfy feel and royal gold colour. It’s bound to turn heads, better add them to your collection. They are priced at 200$ but they are worth every dollar you spend.




It’s a quite famous sneaker among the women especially because of Olivia Kim, who teamed up with Nike to release a capsule collection in 2019. Since it’s launch the Nike Air Force 1 has become a hot commodity and it’s no surprise. Ever since it’s launch there sneakers have been sold for up to 3400$, making them the most expensive women’s Nike in the past year. Apart from the sneakers being famous, they are super comfy and are built for all occasions. They are priced at 795$.




The shoe is exceptionally comfortable as its lightweight with added air- sole cushioning. Three-layer mesh and perforated foam for ultimate breathability. Sleek and modern no-sew overlay design. Comes with unique midsole design doubles, which doubles as an outsole. Rubber pads at the heels for extended durability and stability. Available in an extensive range of colours. Currently priced at 150$ and it weights around 3 pounds.




They are manufactured as a high-performance sneaker with built-in support and a design that appeals to your style aesthetics. A Perfect all-around sneaker for all your demanding workouts, with no compromise on support no matter what. The shoe insides feel like a glove type fit to keep your foot in place even in the hardest of workouts. Light and breathable mesh for comfort. Easy to pull on and off on the go. Currently priced at 66$ and weighs around 3 pounds. Can be called excellent choice sneakers with good overall support and lightweight material to make it comfy.




These shoes are flexible and breathable with their mesh design, so no matter how far you may run, they will keep your feet cool and comfortable. It has a sock-like fit, consists of full layer phylon foam for cushioned protection. Flex heels for natural foot movement. Available in a wide choice of colours and comes along a moulded midfoot strap with a secured enclosure. Its priced at 105$.




If you feel the laces on the shoes are too much an effort then perhaps these sneakers are the perfect match for you. It comes with a perfect innovative support system that keeps your foot comfortable and in place. The shoe comes with a breathable mesh upper that keeps your feet cool at all times, on top of that it’s a classic basketball shoe, whether you are a pro player or a die-hard fan of the game. These are definitely for you, perfect for on and off the court. Weighing around 2 pounds, they are priced at 160$.




The huarache from Nike is a real head-turner, showstopper kinda shoe best suited for all your daily needs with dynamic fit technology. It’s the best running shoe currently available out there. First introduced in 1991, they have been the favourite running shoes. These shoes are lightweight with air sole cushioning, consisting of three layers of mesh and perforated foam for ultimate breathability. Sleek and modern design. Rubber pods at the heels for traction and durability, available in an extensive range of colours. It’s priced at 100$ and weighs around 4 pounds.




Does Nike replace damaged shoes?


If your product is defective, return it and the store receipt to the place of purchase. If there is a covered defect, we will replace the product (if available) or issue a full refund. The NIKE warranty extends only to products purchased from an authorized NIKE retailer.


Can I return Nike shoes after wearing?


Remember, you may return Nike purchases for any reason, worn or not, for up to 30 days. Nike Store Purchases: Even after 30 days, you will still need to return the item to the Nike store where you made your purchase.


How long does it take to make a pair of Nike shoes?


And you do not even have to wait for them: From start to finish, the process takes less than 90 minutes -- significantly faster than something like Nike Bespoke iD process that takes 6 - 8 weeks for delivery. While you can customize most aspects of the shoe, the silhouette is one area where you are locked in.


Can I return Nike shoes without the box?


After 30 days, shoes and clothing may only be returned if they are unworn and unwashed. Nike devices may also be returned for any reason within 30 days of purchase.

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To inspire athletes, Nike offers innovative products, experiences, and services. Free delivery and with examining the effectiveness returns for any shipment from certain nations. Nike has been a household name when it comes to all your sports and workout needs. It is known that over the years they have been the choice of many famous athletes and sportsmen. They undoubtedly excel in producing multi-discipline footwear and apparel.